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Thousands of parts available from stock, new and second-hand, all at competitive prices.
Here at AJD Off-Road we can supply and fit accessories for your Landrover. Including raised air Intakes, Lamp Guards, A-Bars, Spotlamps, Rubber Mats, Side runners and Side steps, Diff and Steering Guards, Jerry Cans, Tow Ropes, Shackles and much more...

Service filter kits now available



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Now available

Blue Dot Motorist first Aid Kit

This compact Motorist First Aid Kit is perfect for keeping in your vehicle in case of emergencies. Ideal for use in all domestic vehicles and company cars. Containing all the things you hope you never need.

£17.99 (Including VAT)


1 x Cloth cutting scissors, 1 x Conforming bandage, 1 x Resuscitation face shield, 2 x Eye pad, 5 x Sodium chloride eye wash, 2 x sterile ambulance dressing, 1 x microporous tape, 1 x Pupil gauge, 2 x Sick bags, 10 x Sterile wound cleansing wipes, 3 x Sterile burn gel, 2 x Vinyl gloves, 2 x Thermal blanket, 20 x Washproof plasters, 2 x Triangular bandage, 5 x Ultra soft tissues.


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AJD Landrovers



AJD LandroversAJD Landrovers

The Fox factory USA have developed a smooth body shock absorber to fit Defender vehicles available in standard length and +2 inches.

Due to our success in the AWDC Off-Road Safari Championship, we are pleased to inform you that AJD Off-Road are now able to supply and fit, from stock, Fox shock absorbers to all Landrover Defender vehicles using standard factory mountings.

Prices are as follows;

Front shock absorber - £107.65 EACH + VAT

Rear shock absorber - £107.65 EACH + VAT

Rear adjustable shock absorber - £269.20 EACH + VAT

AJD Landrovers AJD Landrovers

AJD LandroversAJD LandroversAJD Landrovers


AJD Motorsport DRL Front Bumper

Included with the bumper are two LED DRL's and rubber end caps.

AJD LandroversAJD LandroversAJD Landrovers

£175.00 + VAT

Spare parts supplied and packed for export.

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