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AJD Landrovers

(AJD Motorsport Defenders)

Here at A.J.D. we have the latest technology to flash program diesel electronic control units.

The benefits are evident:

More Power, more engine flexibility and increased fuel efficiency.

Current Landrover Range:


We have tunes developed for all electronic control units that are Flash Programmable. Every variant has been covered. Therefore every vehicle can be tuned as soon as it arrives at the workshop. The only exceptions are TD5 engines manufactured before 2002. These control units are NOT programmable however A.J.D. can exchange the ECU for one that is Flash Programmable.

Ring Andy on 01992 445634 for performance figures and prices.

A.J.D. Off-Road can also supply and fit Intercooler Upgrades for increased torque and power. We also stock silicone Hose Kits.


Vehicle Enhancements
Why not treat your vehicle to a makeover?
Enhancement packages as shown in the following pictures...

AJD LandroversAJD LandroversAJD Landrovers


AJD LandroversAJD LandroversAJD Landrovers


AJD LandroversAJD LandroversAJD Landrovers


AJD Motorsport DRL Front Bumper

Included with the bumper are two LED DRL's and rubber end caps.

AJD LandroversAJD LandroversAJD Landrovers

£175.00 + VAT

Also Available
Front and Rear spoilers, rear apron, wheel arches
and body trim enhancements for Range Rover L322
and Range Rover Sport.


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