Insa Turbo Tyres at AJD Off-Road


Insa Turbo Ecorace competition tyres with nano technology reinforced side walls.

The technicians at Insa Turbo have been working closely with Spanish universities to develop reinforced side walls for the new ecorace competition tyres. The new technology introduces Carbon/Kevlar strands into the side walls of the tyres during the remanufacturing process. This revolutionary idea allows the side walls of the tyre to flex in a normal way but give unparallelled resistance to side wall impact without sacrificing grip.

The new ecorace competition tyres will be manufactured with whats expected to be three different compounds to give drivers and race teams a choice depending on weather and ground conditions.

These new exciting tyres by Insa Turbo are scheduled to be available early 2016.

Andy DeGiulio is looking forward to testing the new compounds on the AJD Milner R5 Off-Road race car and we are honoured to have been chosen by Insa Turbo to help develop and be a part of this exciting project.

Any questions? Feel free to ring Andy on 01992 445634



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