Defender 90/110


Part Number : SKT6001
Defender - 2.5 Turbo Diesel

Oil Filter ERR3340
Air Filter NRC9238
Fuel Filter RTC6079
Washer FRC4808


Part Number : SKT6002
Defender - 200 TDI

Oil Filter ERR3340
Air Filter NTC6660
Fuel Filter AEU2147L
Washer ETC7398
Washer 213961L


Part Number : SKT6003
Defender - 300 TD5

Oil Filter ERR3340
Air Filter ESR2623
Fuel Filter AEU2147L
Washer ALU1043L
Washer UAM2857L


Part Number : SKT6004
Defender - TD5

Oil Filter LPX1005910
Air Filter ESR4238
Fuel Filter ESR4686
Rotor Filter ERR6299
Washer CDU1001L



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